Through our specialized in the heading of our clients we offer this service is focused for the companies that count on their own data base of candidates to cover a vacant position.

It is very useful for those clients who wish to take decision on ascents, dismissals, promotions or qualifications.

This service generates objective data about how the people in different circumstances and tasks would act.


The first stage is the required definition of the profile of the position and the personal characteristics, aptitudes and/or abilities. Then, secondly, it is used a series of psychological tests and tools for evaluation of the candidates. These methodologies can be of two types:

Traditional Evaluation

  • Test in the mental area.
  • Test of personality.
  • Test of social abilities.
  • Control of antecedents and references.

Competence Evaluation

Application of specific tests to measure the pertinent competences on the position.
Focus group and interviews.

Finally our professionals generate a report of each candidate, which is sent to the company applicant.

We operate using an INNOVATIVE web interface that allows our clients to request services online. Keeping our clients informed of their request, online reports and in some cases, the final request product. Our platform allows for centralized operations and the export of information. View details...

Optional: We use a worldwide recognized tool to apply a complete analysis and evaluation of honesty and moral integrity of all candidates. This allows a greater match between personnel and the cultural and moral tendencies of the clientes companies. View details...

CHESS® Web Platform

Online management interface (optional and cost free).

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