Service of high rigor focused in the search, recruitment and selection of executives to occupy strategic positions in the organization.

n this process an evaluation of physical, behavioral, technical functional and projective variables is executed with the aim of determining, through a series of decisional stages, a prediction of adaptation and labor performance, referred to the adjustment of a person given with respect to the pre-established exigencies of a position.

This service of high confidentiality is focused in the search and selection of candidates for strategic positions through the identification and location of professionals who hold or have occupied an analogous position in another company.

It includes the complete processes of definition of the profile, recruitment and contact of candidates, psico-technical evaluation (optative), coordination of approach meetings and consultancy in the hiring decision.


We operate using an INNOVATIVE web interface that allows our clients to request services online. Keeping our clients informed of their request, online reports and in some cases, the final request product. Our platform allows for centralized operations and the export of information. View details...

Optional: We use a worldwide recognized tool to apply a complete analysis and evaluation of honesty and moral integrity of all candidates. This allows a greater match between personnel and the cultural and moral tendencies of the clientes companies. View details...

CHESS® Web Platform

Online management interface (optional and cost free).

Headhunting and Personnel Assesment Services: Discovering Talent for your Organazition.