Quality services focused on the search, recruitment and selection of executives to occupy strategic positions in your organization.

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Headhunting / Executive Search

Highly confidential service focused on the search and selection of candidates for strategic positions.
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Specialized Personnel Selection

Service focused on the search, psycho-labor evaluation and selection of candidates for positions of specific profiles.
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Personnel Assessments

Useful service for all levels of companies that have their own database of candidates to fill a position or for those who wish to make decisions on promotions, layoffs or training.
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Consulting in organizational development, market compensation surveys, process layouts, and other organizational development.
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Courses / Outplacement

Different courses according to your needs. We give advice, support and give guidance to people who are in the process of leaving their current job.
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Every company to achieve successful results and sustainable growth must concentrate an important part of its efforts to identify, select and retain the best talent within their organization at every level.

BVM Consultores, as human resources consultants, offer solutions in headhunting and recruitment by offering a series of related services, such as the recruitment and evaluation of business services, and consulting services, job profiles and studies of market incomes, among others.

All these services of specialized selection have their own quality guarantees, ensuring real and concrete solutions to human resources needs of the twenty-first century. We are leaders in recruitment with our Head Hunting service.

We offer an INNOVATING web interface, that permites you to see advances on your assesment proceses and keep reports. This helps you centralize your Human resources services and get online exportable reporta on MS Excel.

Through our services units specialized in the business of our customers, we focus on search, recruitment and selection of specific profiles for technical, administrative, professional and executive levels jobs.

Teams of specialists in the business of our customers have the experience and training necessary to select the best candidates.

BVM Consultores are specialist in personnel selection in a variety of markets, our specialization areas have a large degreee of assertiveness, due to their professional knowledge of the field of each of our clients.

At BVM Consultores Chile we know that Human Resources plays an important role in the success of companies. So that our promise is to deliver the best service available in the market.

People play a leading role in the current business, leading to successful organizations, therefore we are committed to deliver the best service in the human resources market.

All our processes are guaranteed that will assure concrete results.

Headhunting and Personnel Assesment Services: Discovering Talent for your Organazition.